Jill Zutty

Jill Zutty: You Turn Me on

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Artist: Jill Zutty

Artist: Jill Zutty
Title: You Turn Me on

1.1 Take My Hand
1.2 Why Do You Do the Things You Do
1.3 All I Want Is You
1.4 We Gotta Change
1.5 Paralyzed
1.6 I Am Found
1.7 I Just Wanna Be with You
1.8 I Am Me
1.9 Going Forward
1.10 Dance in the Dark
1.11 Dire Pain
1.12 I Do Miss You
1.13 Let It Go
1.14 You Turn Me on
1.15 Blue Morning
1.16 I Will Miss You When Your'e Gone
1.17 Brown Eyes and Lost Inside
1.18 You Make My Life Complete
1.19 I Wish to God
1.20 Loss of Perfection

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