Jim Byrne

Jim Byrne: Can't Catch the Butterfly

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Artist: Jim Byrne

Artist: Jim Byrne
Title: Can't Catch the Butterfly

The song 'Can't catch the Butterfly' is being released to raise funds for a Memorium Butterfly Garden in the village of Old Kilpatrick in Scotland; in memory of all those people, who have lost their lives through suicide at the Erskine bridge. Written by Jim Byrne and Pat Byrne at the request of Anne Morgan and performed with the help of local musicians Johnny Russell, Sharon Campbell and Dinny. This is part of a wider initiative to take action to prevent or reduce the number of tragedies in the future. Can't catch the Butterfly your life is short, but beautiful you do not fear the dying day flying free, warm summer breeze from flower to flower your path is clear you display your colours, for all to see and it's nature's job just to keep you free but fragile thoughts, like a butterfly's wing so easily torn, and with a troubled soul there's the pain that that brings but you can't catch the butterfly it's always on the wing so don't shed a tear your memories will keeps them near an innocent, magic man so many gifts, so full of charm you heard him laugh and tell his tale gave his family love gave his friends the same you can't catch the butterfly it's always on the wing so don't shed a tear memories will keeps them near your life was short, but beautiful.

1.1 Can't Catch the Butterfly - Jim Byrne
1.2 You Tell Me Every Day Is Sunshine - Jim Byrne

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