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Jim Clare: Old Empty Hall

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Artist: Jim Clare

Artist: Jim Clare
Title: Old Empty Hall

OLD EMPTY HALL REVIEWS Buffy Ford Stewart I finally got a chance to listen to your EMPTY HALL CD! It is really a terrific folk CD! The songs are great! I wish you great success! Thank you so much for sending it! Love Buffy ---------------------------- Elaine Verstraete Jim, Your CD is exquisite. I enjoyed it so well..... I was driving while I listened to almost the whole thing, when I 'came to' I didn't even know where I was. I had driven 3 miles the wrong way down RT 31. It is so well done....... BRAVO! Elaine Verstraete Birds-on-a-Wire --------------------- Jim -   I just finished my first listen-thru. This is super. You and Mark are 2 talented guys - perfect combination of imagination in storytelling-songwriting and in technical achievement. You know I don't always love singer-songwriters, but your talents remind me of John Stewart, with the ability to describe and tell the story and get that emotional whomp in there. This is just a wonderful CD. Congratulations to you and Mark.   Slán, Cathy McGrath Cuisle Mo Chroi ------------------------------ 'Like everyone, I usually pop in a new CD and do a quick preview of each song before I go back to listen in full. Some players even have that built in, right? Well, don't think you can do that with Empty Hall...every song is so good you'll be captivated by each song and listen to them from start to finish - no skipping!! So leave yourself enough time to be captivated.' Art Krause ------------------------ I find this an altogether wonderful musical reflection on Americana past and present. When I first listened to the CD I found myself pushing the 'repeat' button on several of the tracks, something I don't usually do... This album crept into the nooks and crannies in the attic between my ears. And it brushed away cobwebs I might have expected to find in an Old Empty Hall. Tom Barrett ----------------------------- About the songs on OLD EMPTY HALL 1. OLD EMPTY HALL is a real place. Fatzinger Theatre is in the public library of the village of Waterloo, NY, where I grew up. It has been in continuous operation since it opened in the late 1800's.. The wrought iron fence where we leaned our bikes as kids when we came to borrow books and dream our dreams, is still there. Faint echoes of the fiery orations of Frederick Douglass might still be heard by those with imaginations like mine. 2. HEY JACE BRIDGES...Jace is a real little girl. This is a song about beauty and innocence, and the bittersweet summers of childhood as they fade slowly into memory. 3. KILLBEGGAN RACEDAY is my try at a song that would be like the bedtime stories about their Irish heritage, that the older ladies in our family told to me when I was a little boy on the farm. 4. MANASSAS IN THE RAIN is about the loss of innocence. An old veteran dozes in the summer sun, while the patriotic speeches, the martial music of the bands, and the buzz of excitement at a small town fair, take him back to his youth, and the great Civil War that defined his life. 5. OLD TRAIN COMING uses the Montezuma. LV50, a real steam locomotive that ran on the Lehigh Valley railroad from 1865 to 1905, as the vehicle to carry the memories of a boy whose loss at Gettysburg changed his life forever. 6. PASSING FREIGHT is the lonesome siren song of a freight train whistle on a still night, with it's seductive promise of one more last chance to go someplace new and get it right...this time...somewhere. 7. FIFTEEN ROADS. Where I grew up, we had a saying, "there's more than one way to skin a cat"...and then one time, I heard a Southern lady say, "there are fifteen roads to Raleigh", and I just loved that! 8. OLD FADED PICTURE is the lost, lonesome feeling that comes unbidden at three o'clock in the morning, when you think about a choice you made that closed a door forever. 9. SMOKE FROM A HAWTHORN FIRE was an interlude at a jam in The Outpost, the country store and cafe in Potter, NY. A fellow nobody knew came in one blustery night for his necessaries. He did his shopping and paid his bill. He listened for a spell, and then he slung his sack on his back and without a word, went out into the snowy night. All he left behind was the smell of wood smoke. 10. SADDLE ON THE WALL is a song for my dad...and for Sumner, Bucky, Elbert, Jim Bare, Gordon Forbes and too many others I loved, who left before I ever told them all I wanted to say. 11. TAKE ME UP ON THE MOUNTAIN...some day if you're lucky, you might find the person who makes you whole. 12. SUMMER DAYS BACK HOME ...my friend Mark Teachey and I were remembering long ago summers one day. Mark grew up in Wallace, NC and I grew up in Waterloo, NY, but we were country boys, and the similarities of our shared memories made this song. Jim Clare Jim lives in the Finger Lakes region of New York State, a splendid place where majestic glacier carved lakes nestle among rolling hills, and sparkle and shine like the jeweled hand of some ancient giant. Deep shaded glens with countless waterfalls meander through grape vineyards, dairy and horse farms, and endless stretches of rich tilled land. It's a simple thing in this enchanted place, for an incurable romantic like me, to slip away into the nooks and crannies of my mind, where the mischievous muse occasionally hides her song gifts. I hope you'll enjoy the songs, and maybe you'll find one that feels like an old friend the very first time you hear it!  If you do, you will have made my day!!    Jim Clare.

1.1 Old Empty Hall
1.2 Hey Jace Bridges
1.3 Kilbeggan Race Day
1.4 Manassas in the Rain
1.5 Old Train Coming
1.6 Passing Freight
1.7 Fifteen Roads
1.8 Old Faded Picture
1.9 Smoke from a Hawthorn Fire
1.10 Saddle on the Wall
1.11 Take Me Up on the Mountain
1.12 Summer Days Back Home

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