Jim Cosgrove

Jim Cosgrove: Upside Down

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Artist: Jim Cosgrove

Artist: Jim Cosgrove
Title: Upside Down

Award-winning kid rocker Jim 'Mr. Stinky Feet' Cosgrove's ability to connect with children and adults alike has made him a cool favorite on the concert tour circuit. Many of his fans have dubbed him as the 'Jimmy Buffett for kids.'

1.1 Buggy Hop
1.2 Pizza Tree
1.3 Seven Holes
1.4 Scribble
1.5 Let's Stick Together
1.6 Sullen Sally
1.7 Red Shoes
1.8 Swing
1.9 Stinky News Update
1.10 Pardon the Pig
1.11 Upside Down
1.12 Drink
1.13 This Little Light of Mine
1.14 Dreamland

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