Jim Cullum Jr.

Jim Cullum Jr.: Hot

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Artist: Jim Cullum Jr.

Artist: Jim Cullum Jr.
Title: Hot

The Jim Cullum Jazz Band plays jazz in the classic manner, that is, in the style of small, hot ensembles prior to WWII. The band's repertoire covers a lot of ground-from 19th-century cakewalks to the small pre-war Benny Goodman ensembles.

1.1 Wrought Iron Rag
1.2 Aunt Hagar' Blues
1.3 Mabel's Dream
1.4 Kakapu Rag
1.5 Lazy Bones
1.6 Rhythm King
1.7 Morning Glory
1.8 Albatross
1.9 Dixieland Shuffle
1.10 Sage Hen Strut
1.11 Milenberg Joys
1.12 Mooche
1.13 Thou Swell
1.14 Gatemouth
1.15 Lonesome Me
1.16 I Would Do Anything for You
1.17 When There's Time
1.18 Enterprise Rag

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