Jim Dead

Jim Dead: Ten Fires

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Artist: Jim Dead

Artist: Jim Dead
Title: Ten Fires

Featuring Glasgow based alt. Bluesman Craig Hughes on guitar, James Duffin on bass and Tommy Duffin (Atomgevitter and The Plimptons) on drums, the album is a journey through the vast, deserted landscape surrounding Deadsville, often exploring change, hope, faith and life's difficulties from the perspective of very different characters. Jim Dead has established a strong reputation as a solo performer and while his particular style features prominently here, his band, The Doubters, accompany him on tracks such as 'Bone Blue Moon', 'Jim Landstrom Must Die' and 'Mean-Eyed River Snake'. Ten Fires was recorded by Tommy Duffin and James Duffin at 16 Ohm Studio, Glasgow in November and December 2010, and was produced by Tommy Duffin and Craig Hughes (Pissed Off, Bitter and Willing to Share). 'Jim Dead comes from Deadsville. An imagined place, more in the mind than on the map. Occasional visitors to this shadowland include Jim White, Hank Williams, Jason Molina, The Drive By Truckers and even Neil Young. Here the music is slow and thick, churning like the Mississippi, rich and full bodied. Jim Dead has captured this on his latest release ... ' -Blabber 'n' Smoke 'Folk, rock, blues and country drip from the simple and effective musings of this wonderfully creative talent. Jim Dead through his spare production sparks a vast array of memorable and earthy imagery set to stay with you for a very long time ... such as the wondrous 'Mean-Eyed River Snake' where he takes the listener on a journey through the American-south like few others I have ever heard.' - Americana-UK, 8/10 'The loping BoneBlue Moon has the feel of Hank Williams backed by Creedence Clearwater, the song does indeed feel as if Dead is howling at the moon. Untitled has some spooky, almost psychedelic tinges, when Dead repeats the refrain 'Baby, Baby' there is a sense of what could have been if Led Zeppelin were an American band ... If this album was by a crew from the south west of the USA chances are it would be hailed to the heavens. As it is it's perhaps the best example I've heard so far of a local band setting up residence in that fabled Americana. Definitely one to buy.' - - Blabber 'n' Smoke 'The whole record maintains a nice balance between serenade and wail, twang and fuzz, harmonica and drums ... if you like your grit a little slow and your chords a little fuzzy Dead and his cronies (called, I believe, The Doubters) will not disappoint'. - Nine Bullets 'Jim Dead's second album Ten Fires sounds like it originated in the dusty wilderness and plains of the midwest, and carries with it the classic songs of love, loss, dashed dreams and regret. Like the best of it's genre the tales carry at their heart a black humour and sometimes a faint flicker of hope that things might still take a turn for the better' - madmackerel 'Top notch Americana from Scotland it's packed with great songs and is a fine album ... essential listening' - beat-surrender.

1.1 Silence Has No Place Here
1.2 Bone Blue Moon
1.3 Before I Die
1.4 Coffee ; Cocaine
1.5 Jim Landstrom Must Die
1.6 Hotel
1.7 My Heavy Heart, My Aching Bones
1.8 Wreck of a Ship
1.9 Untitled
1.10 Mean-Eyed River Snake
1.11 Are You Still Listening?
1.12 The Hallelujah Revolver

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