Jim Doval

Jim Doval: Play It Again Sam

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jim Doval

Title: Play It Again Sam
Label: CD Baby

Blues, jazz. Latin nurtured...Raised on blues-rock to make a niche in the commercial music world in the late 60's, Jim Doval grew into a full fledged star of his time. Jim created his backup bands called The Gauchos and became world renown on shows such as ABC's Shindig, the first world-wide TV rock show of it's kind. Jim also had major recording contract with Dot Records, ABC Paramount Records, and Independent record labels. Jim's transcontinental travels exposed him to many people of many lands. Jim realized the people's love for great standard songs as well as the current rock tunes was always embedded in the people's herts and souls. Doval's desire to get back to his true musical roots and do the music of the American Songbook was due to this awesome and inspiring revelation while entertaining people across the land. By fate... as often is... Jim's desire to do the jazz project was completely solidified with his encounter and acquaintance of Lady Joanne Grauer. She was that unfounded jazz gem with the chops and commitment that called for the soul of the singer. Joanne was that necessary element that solidified and molded the ideas and inspirations for 'Play It Again Sam' and the best is yet too come! Thank you and just enjoy ...JIm Doval.

1.1 As Time Goes By
1.2 Christmas Song
1.3 When Will Love Find Me
1.4 Manha de Carnaval
1.5 Angel Eyes
1.6 Where Do We Go (From Here)
1.7 When I Fall in Love
1.8 Don't Go Till Mornin'
1.9 That's All
1.10 Reprise; As Time Goes By

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