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Jim Golden: After Hours

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Artist: Jim Golden

Artist: Jim Golden
Title: After Hours

AFTER HOURS - JIM GOLDEN, 2007 Card Room Music Productions. BMI "After Hours", the first solo project from veteran musician, songwriter, and former radio personality, Jim Golden, has been described as an eclectic mix of jazz, progressive rock and new age all blended into a musical presentation that flows effortlessly from beginning to end. The songs, both electric and acoustic, will leave melodies lingering in your subconscious memory for days. Although he has played guitar since the age of seven, Jim spent a large part of his life primarily pursuing his other passion, Radio Broadcasting, in addition to his music. He spent 21 years as an Disc Jockey, Air Personality, Program and Music Director, with his radio career taking him to markets such as Panama City, FL., and well known stations such as WBSR-AM in Pensacola, FL., WHBQ-AM in Memphis, TN., WKJJ, Majic 100 FM in Louisville, KY. and WKRG-FM, G-100 in Mobile, AL. He was nominated Music Director of the Year in 1978 by Pop Music Survey in Washington D.C. and awarded two gold records by the Music Industry. During this time he also played guitar in a Contemporary Christian Band, featuring singer Jimmy Stewart, and was a session musician playing on albums ranging from Southern Gospel to Contemporary Christian to Country. After leaving the radio business Jim confined his music to playing in the Worship band at his church, at home for himself and his family, and concentrated on his family life and on being a dad to his son. During this time he was in private business for a number of years and presently works for the State of Florida in what he calls his "day gig". It's been during the past several years that Jim has redirected his focus to his music and begun to write and record again. "After Hours" is the result of that redirection. The "After Hours" project contains the surprise break-out and most requested song 'Midnight Obsession'. The tune has generated much request activity when played on Internet radio and is cited by many who have purchased the CD as the CD's most compelling track. Also included are the three songs, all written by Jim, which gained an unprecedented three consecutive Popular Vote category wins in Sonoma Wireworks'International RiffRumble competition. The Latin-flavored "Through The Needle's Eye", with it's driving beat, acoustic lead, and horn arrangement, captured the RiffRumble V competition and was described as sounding as though it belonged on Dancing With the Stars. "Dezanali", laid back yet uptempo and featuring a nice jazzy blend of guitar and keyboards, captured RiffRumble VI. The beautiful acoustic melody "Broken Angel" gathered the most votes in RiffRumble VII. "Broken Angel" was originally written as a love song with one comment posted early on during the RiffRumble VII competition stating it has been used as the background music for a 20th wedding anniversary celebration. However, five days after the beginning of the competition U.S. Navy Blue Angels pilot Kevin Davis was killed during a performance in South Carolina. A U.S. Navy wife voted for the song and posted 'the country does have a broken angel and that is Kevin Davis'. The song subsequently was dedicated to his memory. The title song, "After Hours" was written by Jim and designed to create a mood of how someone could be alone in a crowd. The title for 'Run To Keep From Falling' was inspired by a comment made to him by his 89-year old Mom who once said she had to keep moving to stay young and sometimes had to run just to keep from falling. The acoustic lead is built on a mellow, persistent, groove which builds with each ensuing verse. Jim says his goal is to write songs that speak to a person's emotions and melodies that stay with you long after the song has faded. "After Hours" is full of memorable melodies that you will want to hear again and again.

1.1 Prelude to Yesterday
1.2 Yesterday's Rhapsody
1.3 Flashing Brown Eyes
1.4 Run to Keep from Falling
1.5 Midnight Obsession
1.6 After Hours
1.7 Dezanali
1.8 Get It While It's Good
1.9 Through the Needle's Eye
1.10 Broken Angel

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