Jim Hall: Complete Jazz Guitar

Jim Hall: Complete Jazz Guitar
Title: Complete Jazz Guitar
Label: Essential Jazz Class

Digitally remastered and expanded edition of this Jazz classic. The music on Jazz Guitar has travelled a long way since it's original recording. The first LP edition contained 10 of the 11 tunes originally taped, including 'This Is Always' while omitting 'Too Close for Comfort'. However, the second LP edition had only nine tunes ('This Is Always' was omitted) and presented edited versions of many tracks (mainly editing out piano or bass solos). A later release of this music, transformed the trio into a quartet, dubbing a drums track by Larry Bunker over the original music. Finally a 1988 CD reissue presented the original trio versions once again (in their edited form), adding 'Too Close for Comfort' but again, omitting 'This is Always'. This CD includes all of the tunes recorded on this session in their original unedited form for the first time including the long forgotten 'This is Always', in it's original trio version and adding 'Too Close for Comfort'. As a bonus to this outstanding album, we have added four interesting tunes featuring Hall with pianist and composer John Lewis: A 1957 duet and three 1960 quartet recordings. Essential Jazz Classics. 2011.

1.1 Stompin' at the Savoy 4:04
1.2 Things Ain't What They Used to Be 5:48
1.3 This Is Always 2:49
1.4 Thanks for the Memory 5:14
1.5 Tangerine 3:54
1.6 Stella By Starlight 3:11
1.7 9:20 Special 5:40
1.8 Deep in a Dream 4:30
1.9 Look for the Silver Lining 3:13
1.10 Seven Come Eleven 3:52
1.11 Too Close for Comfort 4:25
1.12 Two Lyric Pieces: Pierrot/Colombine * 10:58
1.13 I Remember Clifford * 3:27
1.14 Two Degrees East, Two Degrees West * 5:35
1.15 I Should Care * 4:50
1.16 Skylark * 3:08

Jim Hall: Complete Jazz Guitar

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