Jim Hudak

Jim Hudak: Gratefully Yours

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Artist: Jim Hudak

Artist: Jim Hudak
Title: Gratefully Yours

Grateful Dead music on piano? You bet! Gratefully Yours, Jim Hudak's 2001 Brainstorm Records release, continues to receive worldwide acclaim and attention. It's a 'piano record' featuring tasteful accompaniment from guitar, mandolin, harmonica, and bass on some of the most beloved songs from the Grateful Dead. David Gans, the Grateful Dead author, historian, and host of the syndicated radio show 'The Grateful Dead Hour,' provides Garcia-like guitar licks on the timeless tune, 'Ripple.' Rick Hatfield, harmonica player extraordinaire, returns for a stellar three-song contribution following his appearance on Cherish, the first album by Jim Hudak. The CD's one original composition, 'Rock Stars,' nicely fits in with the 11 Dead songs in this collection. A nine-foot Yamaha acoustic grand piano was used for all of the recordings, in an unusually large room with high ceilings. The result is a "cathedral-esque" piano sound rarely heard in popular music. 'China Doll' and 'Attics Of My Life' are prime examples of solo piano at it's finest. A must-have CD for collectors and fans of the band, Gratefully Yours has also served to introduce this music to a host of individuals unfamiliar with a legendary band's legacy. The melodies run deep, sweet, and rich. This is the perfect addition to any CD collection.

1.1 Box of Rain
1.2 Cassidy
1.3 Operator
1.4 China Doll
1.5 Rock Stars
1.6 Jack Straw
1.7 Ripple
1.8 Brokedown Palace
1.9 Playing in the Band
1.10 Attics of My Life
1.11 Truckin'
1.12 Ship of Fools

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