Jim Lloyd & the Skyliners

Jim Lloyd & the Skyliners: Songs from My Attic

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Title: Songs from My Attic
Label: CD Baby

Every musician has a collection of songs, gathered over the years, that holds special memories or meanings. These songs, collected and stored in our musical attic, are offered in this collection by Jim Lloyd and The Skyliners in styles and unique arrangements developed over the years of pulling them out, dusting them off, then gently placing them back in memory until the time is right for offering them up in a project. Songs From My Attic are our musical memories of songs that may be familiar to many of you and presented in a style unique to our group and to the Appalachian Highlands of Southwest Virginia...Enjoy! Jim Lloyd.

1.1 You Can't Grow An Onion Upside Down
1.2 Handsome Moliie
1.3 Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold This Body Down
1.4 Longing for Old Virginia
1.5 Evergreen
1.6 Man in the Middle
1.7 Feet's Too Big
1.8 Blue Ridge Mountain Blues
1.9 Drifting Farther from You
1.10 Valentine's Day
1.11 Jonathan Henry
1.12 The Preacher ; the Bear
1.13 Any Old Time
1.14 Are You from Dixie
1.15 Last Letter Home
1.16 Waiting for the Robert E. Lee

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