Jim Reeves: Yours Sincerely Jim Reeves / Blue Side Of Lonesome

Jim Reeves: Yours Sincerely Jim Reeves / Blue Side Of Lonesome
Title: Yours Sincerely Jim Reeves / Blue Side Of Lonesome
Label: Beat Goes on

Digitally remastered two CD set containing a quartet of albums by the late country great. Jim Reeves died in a plane crash in 1964 and, like Buddy Holly, due to demand from his legion of fans, the vaults were scoured for unreleased material. These four albums from 1966, 1967 and 1968 were all Country Top 5 albums with the singles 'Blue Side Of Lonesome', 'I Won't Come In While He's There' and 'Mexican Joe' all Country #1s. Reeves' popularity even today spans from the US to the UK and from South Africa to India, extraordinary for a country singer.

1.1 He'll Have to Go
1.2 Blue Yodel No. 5
1.3 Newscast of 1948
1.4 My Mary
1.5 When Did You Leave Heaven
1.6 Mexican Joe
1.7 Back Up and Push
1.8 Yonder Comes a Sucker
1.9 The Wreck of the Number Nine
1.10 Scarlet Ribbons
1.11 The Fool's Paradise
1.12 Billy Bayou
1.13 Am I Losing You
1.14 I Grew Up
1.15 He'll Have to Go
1.16 Blue Side of Lonesome
1.17 I Catch Myself Crying
1.18 Trying to Forget
1.19 I Know One
1.20 Seabreeze
1.21 I Won't Come in While He's There
1.22 Blue Without My Baby
1.23 Teardrops on the Rocks
1.24 Crying Is My Favorite Mood
1.25 Deep Dark Water
2.1 Where Do I Go to Throw a Picture Away
2.2 You Kept Me Awake Last Night
2.3 I'm Crying Again
2.4 Oh, How I Miss You Tonight
2.5 Lonesome Waltz
2.6 Your Wedding
2.7 When You Are Gone
2.8 Missing You
2.9 Honey, Won't You Please Come Home
2.10 In a Mansion Stands My Love
2.11 I'm Glad You're Better
2.12 Medley: Mexican Joeyonder Comes a Sucker
2.13 Medley: Dialogue/Four Walls/I Missed Me/Tennessee Waltz/I Really Don't Want to Know/He'll Have to Go
2.14 Medley: Dialogue/ Walking the Floor Over You/Dialogue/There Stands the Glass/Dialogue/One By One/Dialogue/Guess Things Happen That Way/Dialogue/I Want to Be with You Always
2.15 Dialogue/ Wildwood Flower
2.16 Dialogue/The Blizzard
2.17 Dialogue/Your Old Love Letters
2.18 Dialogue/Am I Losing You
2.19 Dialogue/Bimbo
2.20 Dialogue/Stand at Your Window
2.21 Dialogue/Danny Boy/ Dialogue

Jim Reeves: Yours Sincerely Jim Reeves / Blue Side Of Lonesome

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