Jim Saco

Jim Saco: No. 9

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Artist: Jim Saco

Artist: Jim Saco
Title: No. 9

I'd like to thank the ederblog for this very fine review: Autumn, almost winter here in Sweden. Saturday morning, listening to Timeless music, songs that i like, some strong expresso, the Italian way. I enjoy the new album of Jim Saco. Don't think twice. On his first full length CD, after the debut EP (Hangin' with Winnie), the influence of great garage/psyche nuggets is clear, if you're nice. Matt Cunitz (All Ones) plays the keyboard, and the rest, multiinstrumentalist Brian McShane, while Jim is focusing on what he is doing best, the melodies and the vocals. Fans of The Animals/Zombies, or, later... 80's americana, a la mas o menos Green On Red (and who isn't?), or should take a listen to Jim Saco. You're either with him, or not. Preview all the 12 songs (nine originals and three covers, including a great version of Donovans 'Jersey Thursday'), at cdbaby including my favourite, the awesome 'Stepping under ladders', and the last song 'Farewell'. And if that song is not an eloge to all the songwriters out there, i do not know what is...) Recommended! Jim Saco's Myspace (Check out his 'Simple Girl', from the first EP. Great song!)

1.1 Ambulance Driver
1.2 Coal
1.3 Drinkin', Drinkin', Drivin'
1.4 Whispering Pines
1.5 Steppin' Under Ladders
1.6 Hear Me Now
1.7 They'll Make You Cry
1.8 Patriotic Christian Song
1.9 Jersey Thursday
1.10 Mickey's Blue Room
1.11 I Don't Like You
1.12 Farewell

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