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Jim Stubblefield: Inspiracion

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Artist: Jim Stubblefield
Title: Inspiracion

Inspiracion is Jim Stubblefield's fifth solo CD since he began his recording career in the mid-90s. As a founding member of the Billboard charting music group Incendio, Stubblefield has been regarded as a fine guitarist and composer. Inspiracion is, as Stubblefield puts it, 'an anomaly for me in that all of the writing and guitar tracking was done in a two week period in February of 2009. My previous work, Guitarra Exotica, ended up taking about four years to complete. Inspiracion, like it's name implies, was the result of a very 'inspired' artistic period for me.' The music on Inspiracion is influenced by the musical traditions of South America and the Mediterranean and includes rumbas, joropos, and even a Middle Eastern inspired piece. The all instrumental music is passionate and filled with lightening fast acoustic guitar playing, virtuoso world percussion and flowing bass guitar grooves. Organic and without any synthesizers, drum machines or samples, Inspiracion, is about energy, rhythm, melody, and synergy . Jim is joined by the fantastic Randy Tico (fretless bass guitar) who has played and recorded with Strunz and Farah, Flora Purim, Lawson Rollins, and Airto. The great Bryan Brock lends his incredible drumming and world percussion work to the project. Critic's Praise for Earlier Recordings: 'California-based guitar trio Incendio are one of the hottest acts on the nuevo flamenco guitar scene and one third of the band, guitarist Jim Stubblefield has a solo career that's well worth checking out.' - 20th Century Guitar Magazine 'This is very nice stuff. Jim Stubblefield plays sizzling flamenco-infused guitar, with extra helpings of steam. Who knew that this level of intense, sexy energy could come from a nylon string acoustic guitar? But Stubblefield can play him some fine tunes, hey.' - Folk Works Online 'Okay, why am I reviewing a flamenco guitarist on a rock and metal webzine? Well, because sometimes I come across stuff that is beautiful, inspiring, and strikes a chord with me.' - Rock Net Webzine 'He ably melds myriad sonic influences, sweet tone and spiraling guitar patterns that reflect his tastes and travels over the past decade - fusion in the truest sense of the term.' - Pasadena Weekly.

1.1 El Pistolero
1.2 Inspiraci N
1.3 Solace
1.4 El Payaso
1.5 Terra Bella
1.6 Armadillo
1.7 Machu Picchu
1.8 The Conquistador
1.9 Across the Border
1.10 Tortuga

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