Jimmie Rodgers

Jimmie Rodgers: Essential Jimmie Rodgers

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Artist: Jimmie Rodgers

Artist: Jimmie Rodgers
Title: Essential Jimmie Rodgers

Although he died at the young age of 35, Rodgers is widely cited as the "Father of Country Music" and is increasingly regarded as "the most important and influential popular singer of the '20's and '30's." This digitally re-mastered 20-track set showcases Jimmy's now-classic "Blue Yodels" style with such signature recordings as his breakthrough song "Blue Yodel No. 1," "Pistol Packin' Papa" and "Blue Yodel #8," commonly known as "Mule Skinner Blues."

1.1 Away Out on the Mountain
1.2 Blue Yodel No. 1
1.3 Daddy and Home
1.4 Dear Old Sunny South By the Sea
1.5 In the Jailhouse Now
1.6 Memphis Yodel
1.7 My Old Pal
1.8 Blue Yodel No. 2 (Lovin' Gal Lucille)
1.9 Sleep Baby, Sleep
1.10 The Brakeman's Blues (Yodelling the Blues Away)
1.11 The Sailor's Pleas
1.12 My Little Old Home Down in New Orleans
1.13 Never No Mo' Blues
1.14 Blue Yodel No. 4 (California Blues)
1.15 I'm Lonely and Blue
1.16 Waiting for a Train
1.17 Frankie and Johnnie
1.18 Pistol Packin' Papa
1.19 Blue Yodel No. 8 (Mule Skinner Blues)
1.20 T.B. Blues

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