Jimmy Bear Pearson

Jimmy Bear Pearson: Paint with Sound

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Artist: Jimmy Bear Pearson
Title: Paint with Sound

Jimmy Bear's fourth album, 'Paint With Sound', is an acoustic guitar set of impressions about our trip to Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons. This album is thoughtful, melodic and very pleasurable. 'Paint With Sound' is an excellent album for relaxation, love, work, study, creative things like painting or writing, and long trips. The melodies and harmonies are truly captivating. Jimmy Bear Pearson is a vocal and musical artist. His music is influenced by a huge variety of contemporary and classical artists. The music he makes is conceived, performed, and engineered by himself (one track at a time) in his living area using a variety of guitars and instruments. The music is clean and clear, and is created to have a live (human) quality, but with just a touch of color as though lots of different people are playing the parts. Listen carefully to the music - it will take you on a journey you will sincerely enjoy! Stay tuned! There is a lot more music coming!! Enjoy!!

1.1 Rooftop Sparrows
1.2 Hot Air Balloons
1.3 Moose Wilson Road
1.4 Indian Paintbrush
1.5 Wandering Trails
1.6 Duet Du Lac
1.7 Enter the Caldera
1.8 Blue Stream on Yellow Stone
1.9 Only Time Can Tell the Riverstones
1.10 Fire Canyon Falls
1.11 The Old Stone Gate
1.12 The Wind Blowin' in the Valley
1.13 Going Home from So Far Away

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