Jimmy Carpenter

Jimmy Carpenter: Made in Texas

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jimmy Carpenter

Title: Made in Texas
Label: CD Baby

Jimmy grew up in a small town in Texas and lived the country life. His family lived on dirt roads until he was in high school. Thus the name of his band 'Jimmy Carpenter and the Dirt Road Band'. Six siblings meant there was never a dull moment. Musical talents came from his mother who played piano, and even though there wasn't a lot of money around, there was always a piano and radio in the house. At a very young age his mothered coaxed him into singing at home while she played piano. His earliest musical influences were from the A.M. radio by his bed. He sang along with all the songs the DJ played and often fell asleep at night with the radio still playing softly in his ear. His roots were in early rock and roll and traditional country. In this same country town lived a young man by the name of George Jones. That's right, 'the' George Jones. Jones was just carving out his career with hits like 'White Lightnin'' and 'The Race Is On' when Jimmy was in high school. Jimmy wrote his first song as a teenager. It was titled, 'The Hillbilly Twist'. Today, after a four year stint in the US Navy during the Vietnam War and a 26 year career in law enforcement, 'Sgt. Carpenter' now devotes almost all of his time to his music and golf. 'My love of the game of golf runs a close second to my love for music'. Jimmy is a patriotic sort who is proud of his family, his country and holds true to the most basic of Chistian values. 'Life's not nearly as complicated as people make it. Being nice to everyone you can should be the code we all live by'. He hopes you enjoy his music, still influenced today by 'The Possum'.

1.1 Buck
1.2 If I Never Write Another Song
1.3 Rita Mae's Bikini
1.4 Alamo Moon Over Texas
1.5 Teardrop Melody
1.6 Karaoke Cowboys
1.7 Am I a Fool to Love You
1.8 If Whiskey Had a Son
1.9 All My Cajun Friends
1.10 Ruby Red
1.11 Three of Us
1.12 Today I Cried (9-11-01)

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