Jimmy Fedd

Jimmy Fedd: American Tea Party

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Artist: Jimmy Fedd

Artist: Jimmy Fedd
Title: American Tea Party

Rocking guitars set the tone for this anthem about taking America back for the people. Wasteful government spending and backroom earmark deals have fueled the passion that drives this rocking call to arms. It is time that patriots all across the country rise up and demand that Washington work for them instead of their own self-interest. It is time to put 'real' Americans in office who have a heart to serve and do what is right for the country. This song will inspire you and is perfect for playing at Tea Party rallies and anywhere patriots gather to talk about the direction of the country. This high-energy rocking ballad is perfect for blasting in the car, on your ipod while you work out or over the speakers at your next rally.

1.1 American Tea Party - Jimmy Fedd

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