Jimmy Giuffre

Jimmy Giuffre: The Atlantic And Verve Collection

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Artist: Jimmy Giuffre

Artist: Jimmy Giuffre
Title: The Atlantic And Verve Collection

American jazz clarinettist, saxophonist, composer, and arranger Jimmy Giuiffre remains most notable for his development of forms of jazz which allowed for free interplay between the musicians, anticipating forms of free improvisation. Born in Dallas, Texas, in 1921, the son of Joseph Francis Giuffre (an Italian immigrant from Palermo Province, Sicily) and Everet McDaniel Giuffre, young Jimmy was a graduate of Dallas Technical High School and North Texas State Teachers College (University of North Texas College of Music). He first became known as an arranger for Woody Herman's big band, for which he wrote 'Four Brothers' (1947). He would continue to write creative, unusual arrangements throughout his career. This collection features the earlier records of Jimmy Giufrre which were the forerunners of his later more radical and avant-garde work. Containing eight complete albums originally released between 1956 and 1960, this extraordinary collection works as both a fine introduction to this most underrated of jazz masters, and a welcome reminder of how Giuffre's music moves like perhaps nobody else's from the same period.

1.1 So Low
1.2 Deep Purple
1.3 The Side Pipers
1.4 My Funny Valentine
1.5 Quiet Cook
1.6 The Sheepherder
1.7 Fascinatin' Rhythm
1.8 Down Home
1.9 Gotta Dance
1.10 Two Kinds of Blues
1.11 The Song Is You
1.12 Crazy She Calls Me
1.13 Voodoo
1.14 My All
1.15 That's the Way It Is
1.16 Crawdad Suite
1.17 The Train and the River
2.1 Iowa Stubborn
2.2 Goodnight My Someone
2.3 Seventy-Six Trombones
2.4 Marian the Librarian
2.5 My White Knight
2.6 The Wells Fargo Wagon
2.7 It's You
2.8 Shipoopi
2.9 Lida Rose (Will I Ever Tell You)
2.10 Gary Indiana
2.11 Till There Was You
2.12 Trav'lin' Light
2.13 The Swamp People
2.14 The Green Country (New England Mood)
2.15 42nd Street
2.16 Pickin' 'Em Up and Layin' 'Em Down
2.17 The Lonely Time
2.18 Show Me the Way to Go Home
2.19 California Here I Come
3.1 Four Brothers
3.2 Ode to Switzerland
3.3 Blues in the Barn
3.4 Space
3.5 I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues
3.6 Come Rain or Come Shine
3.7 Memphis in June
3.8 Cabin in the Sky
3.9 Ol' Folks
3.10 Western Suite: Pony Express
3.11 Western Suite: Apaches
3.12 Western Suite: Saturday Night Dance
3.13 Western Suite: Big Pow Wow
3.14 Topsy
3.15 Blue Monk
4.1 I Got Those Blues
4.2 I'm Old Fashioned
4.3 I Hear Red
4.4 The Boy Next Door
4.5 Stella By Starlight
4.6 Happy Man
4.7 Lovely Willow
4.8 Song of the Wind
4.9 The Story
4.10 The Little Melody
4.11 Time Machine

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