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Jimmy Pou: Puddingstone Lake

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Artist: Jimmy Pou

Artist: Jimmy Pou
Title: Puddingstone Lake

I was 11& 1/2 when I saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show, February 9th, 1964. That night I told my parents that I wanted to be a guitar player. My parents bought me a Spanish acoustic guitar. I took guitar lessons for 6 months, and then started playing in bands. At the age of 13, I started my own band, we chose the name 'The Bedbugs' after the Beatles. I started playing at teen dances and parties, so you could say that I had visions of fame at an early age. In 1978, I started touring all over the world with the Beatlemania show, performing the show in London, Holland, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, Japan, basically all over the world. I started to venture off, and audition for other projects after being with Beatlemania for several years. In 1983, I joined a heavy metal band called 'Fanz', that was the year that Beatlemania stopped full production. I have been performing with '1964 the Tribute' the # 1 Beatles show in the world, which is based out of Ohio since 1993. I still live in Southern California. In August 1999, I released 'Four Little Ditties', a CD containing four original songs, to see if there would be any kind of positive reaction to my music. The response from fans was quite positive. Due to the success of 'Four Little Ditties, I released a full length CD, 'A Dozen Scrambled Daze', in July 2001. Now, I have released my new CD 'Puddingstone Lake' in November 2003, we spent 8 months in the studio in Nashville recording in between my gigs with '1964 the Tribute'. Chris Huston, the producer is originally from Liverpool, England. His band, 'The Undertakers' played the Cavern Club at the same time the Beatles performed there. He has produced and engineered records for 'Led Zeppelin', 'The Who', 'The Young Rascals', and 'Eric Burdon and War', just to name a few. Musicians on this CD include: Jimmy Pou: lead vocals, background vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, harmonica Terry Manfredi: drums Steve Rossi: piano and organ Lindy Gerlach: background vocals Produced & arranged by: Chris Huston Engineered by: Chris Huston & Tom Fouce Assistant Engineer: Jay Campbell Recorded at: The Blue Room in Nashville, Tennessee Mastered by: Final Stage Digital Editing And Mastering Lab in Nashville, Tennessee. I hope you enjoy listening to the songs.

1.1 Puddingstone Lake
1.2 12 in 64
1.3 She's All Mine
1.4 Nobody Knows
1.5 Everyday and Night
1.6 I'll Still Call Your Name
1.7 Come with Me
1.8 Test of Time
1.9 Will You Spoon Me
1.10 Sludge
1.11 The Rain Came Down
1.12 She Was in My Dreams Again
1.13 New York, No More la
1.14 (Reprise) Puddingstone Lake

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