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Jimmy Smith: Too Blue

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Artist: Jimmy Smith

Artist: Jimmy Smith
Title: Too Blue

Editorial Reviews Album Description: Original blues/jazz mix with simple melodies and lyrics ranging from angst to hope. About the Artist: Jimmy 'Guitar' Smith is a recovering heroin addict. This CD is the culmination of his depending on his many musician friends for charity. Jimmy is trapped in self pity and self-righteousness. His lyrics sometimes reflect this untenable set of ever-frustrating circumstances controlling his sad and lonely life. =========================================================== Band Members: Jimmy Smith - Guitars, Mandolin Drew Daniels - Bass, backing vocals, Sound Path Labs Producer, Recordist, Mixing & Mastering W. Michael Lewis - Piano, Organ, percussion. 30 years in Quicksilver Messenger Service George Green - Drums. Played in studio for Frank Sinatra, toured several years with Glen Campbell Al DiMarco - Piano, Organ, Synths. Toured with Lisa Haley Terry Hand - Drums. Turtles original drummer Lee Spath - Drums. Several platinum albums with Robert Cray =========================================================== 5 stars - A Jewel of Original American Music, March 13, 2001 Reviewer: Lee Leatherwood, Austin, TX USA It's called 'Too Blue,' and I must say, it is awesome. I was literally blown away. Such a range of different styles: city blues, country blues, jazz, pop, rock, scat... it's all there. The whole record has a groove thang goin' on that's impossible to resist. The songs range from funny to sad, from the gravelly voiced 'Gumbo,' 'Sweet Love,' and the playful blues crooning of 'Big Gorilla Blues,' to the wistful lyrical and acoustic jazz guitar brilliance of 'Come What May,' 'Your Lies,' and 'Bend in the River.' Even the sad songs have the sense of humor of someone who has truly lived the blues, but will never take himself that seriously. The writing and composition on the 16 gems inside 'Two Blue' reflect a mature creativity - a quality seemingly in short supply these days. But Smith's guitar work needs a few words here also. It is masterful, throughout the spectrum of styles on this CD. It will raise the little hairs on the back of your neck, and make your arms shiver with goose pimples. This cat can play. Comparisons are odious, but his songs bring to mind a modern day Cole Porter, or Randy Newman's more talented brother. I can imagine Billie Holliday covering many of these tracks. It is truly one of the most original, imaginative recordings I have heard in a long, long time. I plan to buy more to send to my special friends. It's an absolute Ace. I am so lucky to have stumbled across this jewel of original American music. =========================================================== Title Track Alone Makes This a Masterpiece, October 31, 2000 Reviewer: Heather Long, Studio City, CA Too Blue - not so. Almost too good to be true, this collection of original music and lyrics from L.A. Blues Artist, Jimmy (Guitar) Smith, is a must listen. As well as the title track, which I've already mentioned as being exceptional, my personal favorites include Gumbo, Hello Raindrops, and Bend in the River. Jimmy's mellow voice, and expertise on both the guitar and mandolin, have produced a CD that I consider a collector's item. The talented array of musicians who back him up reads like a who's who of the entertainment business in L.A., and if that were the kind of thing to impress me, I'd be impressed - but more importantly, this backup crew delivers the goods, making each piece a gem and the entire collection virtually flawless. Too Blue, the title cut, is downloaded to the computers in our household and most nights we just set the repeat button and let Jimmy set the mood while we work. Bravo Jimmy Smith! Encore.

1.1 Too Blue (To Rescue)
1.2 Come What May
1.3 Gumbo
1.4 Big Gorilla Blues
1.5 Hello Raindrops
1.6 Sweet Sugaree
1.7 Lion Dog Blues
1.8 Kiss Away
1.9 Moon Maiden
1.10 Gumbo Scat
1.11 Your Lies
1.12 Sweet Love
1.13 Sucked Up
1.14 Please Don't Hang That Sign on Me
1.15 A Bend in the River
1.16 It's a Good Life

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