Jimmy White

Jimmy White: Hidden Pictures

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jimmy White

Title: Hidden Pictures
Label: CD Baby

Jimmy White was nominated Best New Artist at the 2006 New Music Awards for his two Number One singles in 2006, both off his breakthrough debut album, One Track Heart. Jimmy is a singer songwriter featuring gritty, soulful vocals, and great songs, with memorable hooks and captivating lyrics. He is New Jersey born and bred, and lives on the Jersey shore, writing and performing songs about life, and from life, with nothing left out, and nothing unsaid. His new album is the breakthrough HIDDEN PITURES, a product of his work with the legendary engineer and guitarist Dave Bellanca,and featuring musicians such as Mike Caputy, generally regarded as one of the top three drummers in the United States. HIDDEN PICTURES is Jimmy's life, and it's your life, uncovered, and celebrated. The first single off the album, Sure Feels Like Love, is already top ten, on it's way to being Jimmy's fourth Number One single in the past 18 months. Jimmy is currently working on his third album, Chasing The Wind, which will be completed early next year.

1.1 Sure Feels Like Love
1.2 Someone I Used to Know
1.3 Your Face
1.4 The Fire in Mary's Eyes
1.5 A Man Needs to Know
1.6 Ghost of a Chance
1.7 Diamond
1.8 No Exit
1.9 Hold on to Your Heart
1.10 You're Stuck with Me
1.11 To Kimberly
1.12 Smokesongs Concerto: At the Window Watching Birds/Kitty Dreams/Good Fri
1.13 Good Friends Are Hard to Find

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