Jim's Big Ego

Jim's Big Ego: Stay

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jim's Big Ego

Artist: Jim's Big Ego
Title: Stay

Jim's Big Ego triumphantly returns with their sixth full-length masterpiece, 'Stay'. Co-produced by the legendary Ducky Carlisle, Stay features 12 massive-hit tracks that will reverse the plague of musical mediocrity that's been infecting the airwaves.

1.1 In My Cult
1.2 Another Thousand Years
1.3 Where the Money Is
1.4 Hate Street
1.5 Big Old Dark Green Car
1.6 Can't Stop Foolin' Around
1.7 404 Blues
1.8 Chill
1.9 You're Delicious
1.10 Earworm
1.11 15 Seconds of Fame
1.12 Habits ; Plans

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