Jj. McGeehan

Jj. McGeehan: Soup of Eons

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Artist: Jj. McGeehan

Artist: Jj. McGeehan
Title: Soup of Eons

Studied classic guitar under Juan Mercadal in Miami and in New York City with Manuel Barrueco, graduated from The Manhattan School of Music under Barrueco.

1.1 Work in Progress
1.2 Portrait
1.3 Prelude from Suite in D Major
1.4 Chorale from Suite in D Major
1.5 Finale from Suite in D Major
1.6 First Movement from Sonata for Guitar and Oboe
1.7 Second Movement
1.8 Third Movement
1.9 Mit Raum
1.10 Mit Bewegung
1.11 Ad Libitum Infinitum
1.12 Hochstapler
1.13 Opus 7
1.14 Aesop
1.15 Rubezahl
1.16 Nocturne
1.17 Pires de Almeida
1.18 Culture Anti Culture
1.19 Ambient Sketch Part 2

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