Jkb: Bleeding the Soul

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jkb

Title: Bleeding the Soul
Label: CD Baby

Jeff Kollman Band 'Bleeding the Soul' Jeff Kollman - vocals / guitars Kevin Chown - bass / vocals Charlie Waymire - drums   'No loops, no fuckin' auto tune, just pure rock'n'roll - powerful, dynamic, dark and twisted' is how guitarist/vocalist JEFF KOLLMAN sums up his latest venture, JKB, whose whisper-to-scream and every notion in between debut CD 'Bleeding the Soul' is burning with the type of intensity and passion so much of today's bland, formulated music seems to be lacking in spades. ' 'The record was written and recorded at breakneck speed. I think the lyrics and vocals were all done in two weeks', reflects Jeff, who also produced and mixed the effort, on the organic live wire feel of much of the album. 'No overthinking, no looking back, no worries of fitting into a category, no worries of radio or what's dated or hip, no worries of length of tunes or whether or not to have guitar solos.' 'Bleeding the Soul' is a collection of 10 songs, each unique yet seemingly working together to weave a rich, balanced tapestry of vibes and sounds. Blending explosive hard-edged rock with Kollman's dynamic vocals and introspective lyrics that touch on everything from dealing with the loss of a family member ('I Can't Let You Go', written about Jeff's father who passed away in 2001) to self-affirmation ('Be Myself'), JKB have created an album - already road tested via another successful European tour that saw the group expand their ever growing profile - that's both substantive and fun and bound to propel these Angelenos to new heights in 2005. Come taste the band.

1.1 Never Gonna Get It
1.2 By Myself
1.3 Stupid Little Girl
1.4 Can't Let You Go
1.5 Tearing
1.6 Crowd of None
1.7 God Save Me
1.8 You Lied
1.9 Luv Song
1.10 Whisper My Fate

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