Joachim Horsley

Joachim Horsley: Combinations

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Joachim Horsley

Artist: Joachim Horsley
Title: Combinations

The lead singer from LittleHorse has created a journey through the fabric of humanity in this one-of-a-kind cinematic melting pot of genres and eras.

1.1 Time Machine
1.2 You Are the One I'm Fighting for
1.3 Somehow I Always Play the Fool
1.4 Trains Passing
1.5 Kindness
1.6 Cosmic Love Affair
1.7 The Passion King
1.8 Each Time Around
1.9 I Can't Stand the Rain
1.10 One in a Song
1.11 The Missing
1.12 Time Machine (Extended Version) [Bonus Track:]

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