Joan as Police Woman

Joan as Police Woman: The Deep Field

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Product Type: CD

Title: The Deep Field
Label: Pias America

Digging in deeper than ever before, THE DEEP FIELD begins with the words "I want you to fall in love with me," and continues to unfurl an unashamed lust for life. It's unquestionably her best, most significant album yet in Joan's own words, "my most open, joyous record," but it's her most soulful record, and also her most rocking; her most personal, yet her most universal too.

1.1 Nervous
1.2 The Magic
1.3 The Action Man
1.4 Flash
1.5 Run for Love
1.6 Human Condition
1.7 Kiss the Specifics
1.8 Chemmie
1.9 Forever and a Year
1.10 I Was Everyone
1.11 Say Yes

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