Joan Ware

Joan Ware: Mountain Joy

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Artist: Joan Ware

Artist: Joan Ware
Title: Mountain Joy

I have never written a song in my life. . . but music has always played a healing role in my journey. It brings me comfort, joy, and peace. Each of these songs came to me from a place of deepest heart and inspiration. I was compelled to find a way to write them down so they could be shared. It began in our beloved mountains of Colorado in a rented home that just happened to have a piano. As I was sitting at the piano, filled with gratitude and love for the amazing beauty surrounding me, an original sweet melody gently spilled onto the keys. My husband, an avid music listener, innocently asked me, 'Is that Mozart?' That simple question was the catalyst that began my recording journey. Writing the music came as a mess of note-letter-names, pluses, arrows, colors. . . definitely a musical foreign language. But it worked for me and I could play the songs again. I had to record them while playing from the mess. I have since learned that no one ever originated a song. The music comes straight from Soul Herself to every listening heart. These Soul-songs continue to bring me peace, joy, and healing. I hope and pray that they touch and uplift you as well. I dedicate this work to the beauties of nature, the majesty and grandeur of the mountains, and I pray that we may use wisdom to preserve our natural resources. And, to Soul Herself, the source of all harmony, music, and joy which She freely sends to each receptive heart to uplift, inspire, and heal. Blessings and love to all, Joan Ware.

1.1 Peace
1.2 Starting New... Simple
1.3 Mountain Sky... So Loved
1.4 Abby... Free to Go
1.5 Mountain Return... Ecstasy@
1.6 Gratitude Sings
1.7 Christmas: Filled
1.8 Mountain Love... Birth of Songs
1.9 Reflecting
1.10 Mountain Joy... Overflow!
1.11 Hair! Who Am I?
1.12 Mountain Renewal... New Beginnings
1.13 14,000 Ft. Mountain Climb... Ready
1.14 Coming Home... Mountain: Full
1.15 Mountain Stream

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