Joanie Leeds and the Nightlights: Good Egg

Joanie Leeds and the Nightlights: Good Egg
Title: Good Egg
Label: CD Baby

1 Food Fight- I wanted a catchy in your face opener. This song is Time Warp meets Hole meets No Doubt 2 Kids Place- A descriptive, gentle, acoustic, folksy harmony explosion about a place JUST for kids. 3 Good Egg- Got this idea from school and having to collect 'EGG WORDS' for a grammar project. Not all schools do this but I have heard some do. It's a jumpy, upbeat cutesy tune with a twist. 4 Drummer Dan- This is DC GO GO funk all the way with Mista Cookie Jar giving it some FLAVA! 5 Hipster in the Making- As an Upper West Sider living in Brooklyn, this tune was inspired by living in the hotbed of hipster neighborhood, Williamsburg Brooklyn. I had no choice but to write this song, someone HAD to! We have the craziest people living here... and they are having kids.... it needed to be documented. I went for the cliche OOOOOHHHH chorus because hipsters LOVE that, even though they say they don't. 6 Stories from the Road- These are TRUE stories from behind the scenes, Nightlights style. I was going for a manic upbeat feel driven by the piano. We are usually rushing from place to place. It totally worked! 7 Dino on the UWS- A story song I originally wrote for the Bronx Zoo as they had me perform at their Dinosaur Safari event. I had been wanting to write a dino song. This one is gospel church meets Beatles! 8 The World is Your Oyster- Consider this Part 2 to Happy As A Clam. A folksy back and forth word game with The Pop Ups, Jacob Stein! 9 Confusing Costume- Based on a true story about my best friend's neice & nephew and their spectacular homemade mom use to make my costumes from scratch too. 10 My Dad- Ukelele driven Trad Jazz style ala Django Reinhardt about Dads. A friend asked me to write a dad tune about his late father. I added in a lot about my own dad. 11 Shadow- Trad Ska tune with horns and cute story that every kids battles- their shadow...Sublime meets Less than Jake. 12 Germs- Classic Punk about germs... a MUST hear for germaphobes like me. The Clash meets The Ramones 13 Dr. Lowett- A milk bar brawl song. We all played in the room together to get this organic mandolin, crash cymbal, accordion waltz together...the story about not wanting to go to the doctor but overcoming ones fears. 14 Always on the Run- An upbeat whimsical tale of 4 classic holiday characters and what they are really up to in their spare time. 15 I Love You- Wrote this song for expecting mamas. Wanted to end the tune with a soft gentle soothing tune. I was adamant about using strings. I hired a great player to make it sound silky smooth.

1.1 Food Fight
1.2 Kids Place
1.3 Good Egg
1.4 Drummer Dan
1.5 Hipster in the Making
1.6 Stories from the Road
1.7 Dino on the Uws
1.8 World Is Your Oyster
1.9 Confusing Costume
1.10 My Dad
1.11 Shadow
1.12 Germs
1.13 Dr. Lowett
1.14 Always on the Run
1.15 I Love You

Joanie Leeds and the Nightlights: Good Egg

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