Joanna Connor

Joanna Connor: Rise

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Artist: Joanna Connor

Artist: Joanna Connor
Title: Rise

It's been 3 years since the Queen of Blues/Rock Guitar, Joanna Connor released her comeback, record. Her new release 'Rise' is an all original affair with 11 tracks and features a duet with Mike Zito. Joanna goes deep on this recording adding keyboard and horns to underscore her dynamic musical evolution. This is modern blues from one of the finest musicians on the Chicago Blues scene 'Probably the most pop record you can get out of a white girl with the blues, Connor's rise is about shaking off expectations and breaking free to harvest new crops. Not disregarding her trademark shredding and not having an ounce of selling out in the grooves, the viral sensation keeps it real and in the moment. Elbowing her way to the front of the line, she's delivering the non stop four star performances Chicago cats have known she's had in her since the 80s. Killer, well rounded stuff that's a show all in itself. Hot.'

1.1 Flip
1.2 Bad Hand
1.3 Joanna in a
1.4 Earthshaker
1.5 Rise
1.6 Since I Fell for You
1.7 My Irish Father
1.8 Mutha
1.9 If You Want Me to Stay
1.10 Cherish and Worship You
1.11 Blues Tonight
1.12 Dear America

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