Jodi Shaw

Jodi Shaw: In Waterland

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Artist: Jodi Shaw

Artist: Jodi Shaw
Title: In Waterland

In the spring of 2009 (shortly after she found out she was pregnant!) Jodi teamed up with fellow Canadian Malcolm Burn to record 'In Waterland,' a richly layered work featuring her signature haunting vocals, startling lyrics, and unique phrasing. Shortly after recording the initial tracks, Jodi discovered that she was carrying twins! She took a sabbatical from performing, writing and recording and during that time gave birth to Stanley and Hale, identical twin boys. In late 2010, she was finally able to turn her attention back to the recordings she made with Burn. She ran a compelling and highly successful Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds necessary to mix and master the songs. In addition to being bigger sonically than her previous albums, 'In Waterland' finds Jodi at the beginning stages of developing her personal voice as a producer and budding engineer. In Waterland is slated for release May 15, 2012.

1.1 Swim
1.2 The Witch
1.3 Jack ; Jill
1.4 Mystery of Love
1.5 To the Country (We Go)
1.6 This Balloon/Ode to Zvezdochka
1.7 Fortunate Prince
1.8 In Waterland
1.9 Hell's Bells
1.10 Fellas

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