Jodie Moran: Faery Tale

Jodie Moran: Faery Tale
Title: Faery Tale
Label: CD Baby

Faery Tale was 4.5yrs in the making. So much happened during this time, the 2009 bushfires (that killed 173 people and burnt a large portion of Victoria, Australia, burnt my town, community, home, as it did with many of my friends) occurred soon after this album commenced recording. That was the first big hold up. The next was just battling the post traumatic stress and trying to participate in life again. Then came 2 trips OS, South America and Europe, where on return the album was deleted. We turned to an old back up copy and Colin Wynne worked some kind of magic in his spare time, for free, to resurrect the mess we were left. Since then a number of family and friends have died, friendships have been lost, life has kept happening, as it does, and lessons are always being learnt. The title of the album always wanted to be Faery Tale, ironically (because of what Disney did to distort their purpose) traditional faery tales are about the hard lessons in life, warning children to beware, even though there are just some things you can never be prepared for. All of my songs are about this. Life before the fires and after was always about living and growing, being the best person I could be, learning to love with a broken heart and spirit, and, that it's never really 'broken'. I am an open book but I like to leave something for your own interpretation, hence the sometimes cryptic nature of my songs. Hope you find yourself in there, enjoy x jodes Jodie has won numerous performing and song writing awards. There were 4 albums and a 4 track single released before Faery Tale, all copies were burnt in the 2009 fires and never replicated afterwards.

1.1 Sorry
1.2 Heavenly
1.3 If There Was
1.4 Necroman
1.5 Washing Day
1.6 Faery Tale
1.7 Dream of You

Jodie Moran: Faery Tale

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