Jody Kessler

Jody Kessler: Bare Bones

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jody Kessler

Title: Bare Bones
Label: CD Baby

Ithaca, NY based singer/ songwriter Jody Kessler left a career as a schoolteacher in 1995 to become a full-time performing artist. Since then, she has released four CDs, Another Day of Loving, Leap of Faith, No Solid Ground, and most recently, Bare Bones. Her songs touch upon themes of relationship, connection with Spirit, contemporary issues, life stories, and the joy of being alive. Known for her insightful lyrics, masterful guitar work, and pristine vocals, Jody delivers her refreshingly original material with passion, sensitivity, and humor. She performs nationally in coffeehouses and folk venues as well as at interfaith centers, churches, and festivals. 'Unafraid to sing about change, discovery, awakening, and recovery, Kessler is very aware that songs about pain are nothing new, but here is one talent who is unafraid to sing about the healing,' writes Rochelle Brener of Spiral Magazine. 'Jody's skill in weaving poetic story with just the right musical line surely puts her in company with the best' says Pam Goddard of Folkstuff Newsletter. Scott Kalechstein, nationally known troubadour and inspirational speaker, describes Jody's work as 'soulful, emotionally penetrating, and wondrously beautiful music.' Best-selling author Stephen Levine has said of her work, 'Jody's music opens the heart we share.'

1.1 Bare Bones
1.2 Shade of Grey
1.3 Fly with the Wind
1.4 Angel in Blue
1.5 Big Boxes
1.6 The Moosewood Cafe
1.7 Lifetime Guarantee
1.8 These Things I Can't Explain
1.9 Many Hands
1.10 Who Woulda Thunk It?
1.11 Peace Pilgrim
1.12 Just As It Is

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