Joe Bonner

Joe Bonner: Layout

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Joe Bonner

Title: Layout
Label: CD Baby

PRODUCERS NOTE: The inscription on the front cover of this recording reads' I would like to introduce you to Joe Bonner.People around here say that Joe Bonner is the best piano player in all of North America.' It is actualy a quote from a young lady who I had met in Denver Colorado at private party in which Joe was playing piano.She had said what I had fealt all along..While it is hard to determine who is the best piano player in North America I can say for sure that Joe Bonner in my favorite piano player period.Joe and I went through the motions of re-introducing ourselves and then went to join the party.Also, on the back of the CD is a note for the listener to find a quiet place or use a pair of headsets when listening to 'The Layout'.The music is very suttle.Once you get one good listen you will go back a thousand times and discover something new at each listen.This is usualy the area in which we give the artists Bio,which I have always wondered how listening the muscians that you have played with was so important. Just for the record Joe has played and recorded with all of the great jazz muscians of his generation,including Billy Higgins,Pharo Sanders and Max Roach.The best compliment that I have ever been given was 'to be glad that you are not like the rest of them'.Well Joe is not like the rest of them.When Joe says HELLO. It's like you've never heard the greeting before.He says it so honestly that you cal feal it in your cells.It disarms you.You feal it.

1.1 The Layout
1.2 Down in Devver
1.3 Blue Gardenia
1.4 Change It
1.5 Song for Cathy
1.6 Parade

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