Joe Carey

Joe Carey: Sunflower Soul

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Artist: Joe Carey

Artist: Joe Carey
Title: Sunflower Soul

St. Paul singer-songwriter Joe Carey's newest solo release, Sunflower Soul, is a dynamic concoction made up of equal parts vintage guitar tones, straight forward rock beats, and raw yet tastefully melodic vocals. From the anthem-like opening title track to the lyrically inclusive Timid Child, Carey's songwriting has evolved into an eclectic style of his own while still paying homage to some of his favorites such as the Black Crowes and the Jayhawks...not to mention rock forefathers like Zeppelin and Neil Young. In addition to writing, producing, and engineering all of the tracks in his own garage, Carey also played most of the instruments on the record...epitomizing Sunflower Soul as true blue, grassroots indie-rock.

1.1 Sunflower Soul
1.2 Panic Attack
1.3 Change of Season
1.4 Only You Know
1.5 About to Fall
1.6 Live for You
1.7 Apologize
1.8 Radio Titans
1.9 Unity's Fading
1.10 Timid Child

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