Joe Charter: Touch the Moon

Joe Charter: Touch the Moon
Title: Touch the Moon
Label: CD Baby

Joe Charter is a 'true music artist'. His music is popular, professional, and 'moving'. Touch the Moon, Joe's 2nd record project, moves freely through popular idealistic and trendy sounding musical ventures which the listener is connected. The song 'Touch the Moon' Explains the frustration with dating, and personnel sort of 'sarcastic' idea that if I could touch the moon it may just impress! Other songs on the CD such as 'Ready on the Mark' show the Joe's ability to 'ROCK' and to create motivational sounds and lyrics which are sure to make you feel involved and alive! Of course the romantic songs on this CD are special. Strong vocalists such as Joe Charter along with his own writing skills will keep Joe involved in musical events for years to come.

1.1 Dance All Night (Underneath the Stars)
1.2 Like It Used to Be
1.3 Touch the Moon
1.4 Casa Sweet Casa
1.5 Ready on the Mark
1.6 I Wanna Love You Enough
1.7 No Gain Without the Pain
1.8 Good to Have You Home
1.9 Cryin in My Beer

Joe Charter: Touch the Moon

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