Joe Churchich

Joe Churchich: Piano Solos

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Joe Churchich

Artist: Joe Churchich
Title: Piano Solos

Simple... but absolutely wonderful!, May 28, 2001 Reviewer: A music fan from Minnesota I absolutely love the songs on this record. It's been a while since I've been able to sit back and actually relax while listening to something... but the songs here are so calm, that I found no other choice but to sit back in an easy chair and listen. Bravo!

1.1 Andy
1.2 Change of Heart
1.3 December
1.4 Elegy
1.5 I Love You
1.6 January
1.7 Lost in Love
1.8 Mandy
1.9 Musicbox
1.10 Sappy
1.11 Seashore
1.12 Sky
1.13 Sunday
1.14 Time
1.15 Until Then

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