Joe Eigner

Joe Eigner: Son Dancer

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Artist: Joe Eigner

Artist: Joe Eigner
Title: Son Dancer

The Album 'Son Dancer' just happened. Not really something I set out to do. I've loved this style of music for years, it's always been in my playlists. Just never thought I'd have the opportunity to record an album of my own in this genre. You see, I've been playing worship music at church for years. And as much as I love that, the music tends to lead itself towards one genre. I think people who love and appreciate good music listen to many genres. I can honestly appreciate good music composition in any genre whether it be Latin Guitar, Country, Rap, or the latest Disney movie theme song. Good music is just that, good music. So there I was, in my humble garage studio, and I started to play a riff that sounded very much like Latin Guitar. So I went with it. And, out came the song 'Son Dancer'! I liked it so much that I wrote 2 others, Humilitas and Jester. I liked those so much that I decided it was time to create an album. An album in a genre that really isn't 'my' genre, as I don't claim any one genre. An album created in a genre that I'm taking a chance on. So with that, I hope you enjoy the music! About the song titles... As you've probably figured out, most of the titles are Latin and have a profound meaning. The meanings of 10 songs together tell a story about faith. I'm not going to tell you the story now. But, If you get a copy of the CD look inside the traycard insert (under the CD). There the story is told...

1.1 Vita Nova
1.2 Impleo
1.3 First Victory
1.4 Son Dancer
1.5 Jester
1.6 Bellum
1.7 Jugis
1.8 Gladius
1.9 Humilitas
1.10 Impetus

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