Joe Fiedler Trio

Joe Fiedler Trio: Sacred Chrome Orb

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Artist: Joe Fiedler Trio
Title: Sacred Chrome Orb

The Joe Fiedler Trio has developed an expansive language all their own. Fiedler is an inventive trombonist whose talents have led to the creating of the eccentric brass band Big Sackbut, working with visionary leaders Andrew Hill, Lee Konitz and Maria Schneider and avant-garde giants Anthony Braxton and Cecil Taylor; and in big bands led by Satoko Fujii and Charles Tolliver. He is a member of the Captain Beefheart tribute band Fast and Bulbous and has accompanied pop stars like Jennifer Lopez and Wyclef Jean. Rounding out the trio is bassist John Hebert and drummer Michael Sarin.

1.1 Occult
1.2 Next Phase
1.3 Sacred Chrome Orb
1.4 Ging Gong
1.5 Two Kooks
1.6 Ethiopia
1.7 #11
1.8 Priestish
1.9 Chicken
1.10 Einstein Quote

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