Joe Green

Joe Green: Back to the Good Ole Days

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Joe Green

Title: Back to the Good Ole Days
Label: CD Baby

Joe Green Biographical Sketch The piney woods of East Texas echoed the crunch of tires on gravel and the voices a tow-headed four year-old and Hank Williams singing, "Son of a gun we'll have big fun . . . ." Joe Green was standing on the rear floorboard leaning over the front seat singing at the top of his voice with the radio of his family's 1939 Chevy. The next morning he would be singing with no less reverence from a pew in Saratoga's West End Baptist Church. That's where his Daddy preached and his Mama played piano. While plowing, hauling rock, and working livestock on Grandma Green's Eldorado, Texas ranch, the eleven year old borrowed and learned to play his Uncle Carroll's 1927 Sears and Roebuck guitar. Two years later, in a junk store near Producers Livestock Auction in San Angelo, he spotted a handmade guitar priced to sell. Joe persuaded his Daddy to buy that one for his birthday. Then, in his fourteenth year, Joe Green discovered songwriting. Being the responsible sort, Joe went to school and completed a rewarding career as an educator. His second jobs included everything from cowboy and plowboy to mechanic and school bus driver. Though life has taken him down many other roads Joe has returned again and again to his first love of writing and performing his songs. Success of his original songs and his early bands in North Texas led Joe to Nashville in the eighties. Now he is back full time in Music City writing western music and cowboy poetry and touring the country entertaining buckaroos young and old. Don't be put off by Joe's college degrees, B.S., M.Ed., and Ph.D. Trust me, they don't show. If Joe is playing at a spot near you, stop in and say, "Howdy." Sing along with his new CD on Ten Gallon Records, "Back to the Good Old Days". You'll be glad you did. The Back to the Good Old Days CD is the product of a lot of work and a lot of love. Joe and many good friends worked together to produce a worthy album. The CD is showing very well on cowboy and western charts. The album has been ranked #1 Western Music and Cowboy Poetry Ablum for two months by Joe Baker, Backforty Bunkhouse Productions. It has charted for several weeks on the Roots Music Report Cowboy and Western Music Chart. The album's debut on Nashville's PowerSource Magazine's July 2007 top 35 Western Music Albums presented it at number 30. In addition to the strong showing in the states, Back to the Good Old Days is enjoying a warm reception in Europe already playing in The Netherlands, the U.K.. and Romania. Eddy and Ria Veldkamp, hosts of the Texas Radio Show in The Netherlands, said, 'Thanks so much for sendin' your latest album 'Back to the Good Old Days'. WOW, what a perfect album. By listenin' to it, we felt we were part of a great Western movie. We've scheduled this wonderful album for our: Album of the Week in the 1st hour of our radio show 'Texas Radio' in the Netherlands on July 29, 2007.' Joe Green offers the CD for sale on CD Baby and at his interactive and very entertaining shows.

1.1 Working on the Rig
1.2 Dive in Dance Hall River
1.3 Sweet Saturday Sunrise
1.4 High Cotton
1.5 Cranberry Dress
1.6 Just This Side of Hell
1.7 Back to the Good Old Days
1.8 Talk Turkey
1.9 Good Side of Goodbye
1.10 Veterans' Barbeque
1.11 Waltzing Away with a Memory
1.12 Big Thicket Down Home Blues
1.13 I Feel Like One Now
1.14 [Untitled]

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