Joe Kingston

Joe Kingston: Songs for Trixie

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Artist: Joe Kingston

Artist: Joe Kingston
Title: Songs for Trixie

This collection of songs is presented with the ukulele out front. Also in the mix are guitar, bass, percussion, and vocals with harmonies.

1.1 No Matter What
1.2 Waikiki Chickadee
1.3 How Can I Be Sure
1.4 I Saw the Light
1.5 In Spite of Ourselves
1.6 Till There Was You
1.7 True Fine Love
1.8 I Wanna Grow Old with You
1.9 Bonging Along
1.10 Because
1.11 My Prayer
1.12 Who Loves You
1.13 You Won't See Me
1.14 Day After Day
1.15 Honolulu I Am Coming Back Again
1.16 Trixie Fong's Call
1.17 Bonging Along (Reprise/Full Version)

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