Joe Locascio Trio

Joe Locascio Trio: In the City of Lost Things

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Artist: Joe Locascio Trio
Title: In the City of Lost Things

In general his approach to piano is very modern utilizing bitonality, dissonance, and extended harmonies. LoCascio has a thorough sense of harmony as well as rhythm and it is a pleasure to hear all three musicians work with such artistry. His technical facility, harmonic sophistication and fluid melodic lines reminds US quite a lot of Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock and Jack DeJohnette in the sense that the arrangements are interwoven and collaborative. LoCascio unravels some rather otherworldly progressions that drape the composition with an extra layer of mystery and intrigue.

1.1 The Bibliophile
1.2 Sonia Braga
1.3 In the City of Lost Things
1.4 Port of Call
1.5 The Wall of Sleep
1.6 Julian
1.7 Naked Rats
1.8 Under a Pink Moon
1.9 Our Story
1.10 Hopalong

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