Joe Lostritto

Joe Lostritto: Good Company

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Artist: Joe Lostritto

Artist: Joe Lostritto
Title: Good Company

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Joe Lostritto is most grateful for having the "good company" of the many fine musicians he's played with over the years including Frank Vignola, Peter Ecklund, James Maddock, Chris & Matt Marshak, Jack Licitra, Lucy Bonilla, Robert Poe, Don Keiling, Tabasco Tom Rogerson and the guests and friends he's assembled for this recording. But, as this disc makes abundantly clear, he's pretty fine company himself. Because he loves the "roots" sounds that sit at the foundation of folk, country, rock and blues music in America, he can write and play tunes that tap into something basic about reaching an audience. Joe's voice - warm, funky, and expressive - makes a listener feel invited into a warm café where a handful of the best local musicians are having a party. The players that have gathered around LoStritto are indeed some of the finest players in the New York area, people who, as Joe indicates, might be getting up the next morning to work a day job but who are, for now, lost in the present of playing music. And, it must be added, are right at home in the diversity of American music. The tunes are - each and every one - reflective of what Joe and his cohorts have been listening to and playing since early in their lives and careers. The music sits squarely in the traditional guitars-bass-drums format of rock and roll but also finds room for a clarinet or saxophone here, a trumpet or violin there or, further over there, an accordion or mandolin. Of special note here is the warm studio atmosphere by engineer Frank Persico. In addition Ben Wisch (he won a Grammy for his work on Marc Cohen's "Walkin' In Memphis.") has achieved an intimate mix by taking Joe's simple group sound and by adding and subtracting, helped make this set so much more. Good Company then, is just that - a collection of songs and performers with whom it's just great to share time, again and again. Joe Lostritto's a terrific live artist - he's played the Bitter End and other Greenwich Village haunts - but herein he proves that he can turn the recording studio into a different kind of venue for creating vital music. ' I always looked forward to Joe Lostritto's many vists to the workshop to check out my latest guitar because I knew that I'd be in for a treat with a few of his original tunes. Still do. When you listen to this CD you will know why.' John Monteleone - Renowned guitar maker 'If you love great music, you will love this album. Well crafted and arranged songs, excellent vocals, and wonderfully tasteful musicianship all contribute to a record that is enjoyable from start to finish.' - Andy Falco, Nashville (Infamous String Dusters) 'Not only his is guitar playing top-notch and always in the right groove, but he has also come to be an accomplished songwriter with his ears open to the American musical experience.' -Donald Elfman - writer/record industry veteran 'Superb tunes. Guitar and instrumentation all first class.' Matt Marshak - recording artist/guitar player.

1.1 Midnight Radio Caravan
1.2 Lost Behind the World
1.3 Someone Like You
1.4 She's One of Those
1.5 Original Blue Law Chasers
1.6 Messed Up Kid
1.7 Baja Aloha
1.8 Easy Way Out
1.9 Up from the Swamp
1.10 Never
1.11 Hand Me Down Blues
1.12 Marissa Lyn
1.13 Good Company

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