Joe Melendrez

Joe Melendrez: Rosary Rap

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Joe Melendrez

Artist: Joe Melendrez
Title: Rosary Rap

Rosary R A P combines a hip hop flavor with spiritual prayer. These tracks allow listeners to go deeper with their faith through the many moods within the music, meditating on the life of Jesus. This CD could possibly change your whole concept of prayer.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Joyful Mysteries: Annunciaton
1.3 Joyful Mysteries: Visitation
1.4 Joyful Mysteries: Birth
1.5 Joyful Mysteries: Presentation
1.6 Joyful Mysteries: Finding
1.7 Sorrowful Mysteries: Agony
1.8 Sorrowful Mysteries: Scouging
1.9 Sorrowful Mysteries: Crowning
1.10 Sorrowful Mysteries: Carrying
1.11 Sorrowful Mysteries: Crucifixion
1.12 Glorious Mysteries: Ressurrection
1.13 Glorious Mysteries: Ascension
1.14 Glorious Mysteries: Descension
1.15 Glorious Mysteries: Assumption
1.16 Glorious Mysteries: Coronation
1.17 Luminous Mysteries: Baptism
1.18 Luminous Mysteries: Wedding
1.19 Luminous Mysteries: Proclamation
1.20 Luminous Mysteries: Transfiguration
1.21 Luminous Mysteries: Eucharist

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