Joe Morris

Joe Morris: Groove Therapy

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Joe Morris

Artist: Joe Morris
Title: Groove Therapy

Joe Morris on Drums and Ray Riendeau on Bass. These guys are freaks. Both have been A list session cats for quite awhile. This is where they let their hair down. Monster grooves. Bass playing like I've never heard. Maybe this is why they started calling Ray and Joe 'the Clincs Clinician' WOW chops chops chops. Great arrangements that really spread things around. Melodies from many different places. This is a cool record. If you like slapping Bass and Killer drumming Get a copy and grab yourself some Groove Therapy.

1.1 Groove Therapy
1.2 Lotus Sutra
1.3 Cluster Funk
1.4 If You Want Me to Stay
1.5 Unequilibrium
1.6 Prozac
1.7 Gummo
1.8 Disturbing Behavior
1.9 Benny ; The Jets
1.10 Deranged
1.11 Species
1.12 Stretch

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