Joe Peters & Friends

Joe Peters & Friends: Red Black & Blue

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Artist: Joe Peters & Friends
Title: Red Black & Blue

By TIM BROUK Joe Peters is putting the final touches on a new album, tentatively titled Red, Black and Blue. The singer-songwriter describes the 10 tracks as having a bit more angst with a more straightforward folk-rock feel compared to his previous releases, which had a more world-beat sound and feel. The album is being recorded by Malachi Jaggers at Scott Greeson's home studio. A singer-songwriter himself, Jaggers has been busier behind the mixing board lately. In recent years he has churned out discs for Larry Dimmick, Jeff Anderson, Ross Larimore and more. Jaggers also plays electric guitar, bass, drums and percussion on the album. Peters' disc features loads of guest musicians. His bandmates in Deep & Simple, Linda Hicks and Christi Clore, handle back-up vocals. The environmental protest song 'An Inconvenient Truth' is Peters and Jaggers' 'Good Vibrations.' More than 50 tracks are used including violin work by Bethany Jones. Peters said he was looking for an Indian sound to match the tablas and timpani drums and Jones nailed it. Pedro Alloza, who jammed with Peters at the Dec. 29 show at Klein Brot Haus, lent some tasty, bluesy guitar licks to the songs 'I Can't Help You' and 'Rollin' Down the Road.' Alloza was visiting Lafayette with his twin brother, Manuel, from Madrid, Spain. Peters and Pedro never met before Dec. 29 and Pedro Alloza had never been to America before Lafayette. He bought an Eric Johnson Fender Stratocaster from Guitar Center in Indianapolis to commemorate his American music debut. Peters hopes the disc will be finished by the Feb. 9 big Shirley Martin Scholarship for Young Songwriters benefit concert at the Lafayette Theater, 600 Main St. Peters and Jaggers will perform a set.

1.1 One of a Kind
1.2 I Can't Help You
1.3 An Inconvenient Truth
1.4 Patches
1.5 Like a Rose
1.6 Roll on Down the Road
1.7 Low Down Funky Mood
1.8 Heartache Refugee
1.9 Walking Blues
1.10 Red, Black ; Blue

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