Joe Probst

Joe Probst: Kickin Back

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Artist: Joe Probst

Artist: Joe Probst
Title: Kickin Back

Hi my name is Joe Probst. I've played piano, by ear since the age of 5, and still cannot read music. I tried piano lessons when I was a kid...yet didn't really enjoy them. I simply wanted to jam to my own creations & pick-out radio tunes. While my actual playing style is fairly simple, my gift of playing with great expression presents a unique style that is enjoyable to many folks. Ranging from very laid back, to boogie, to rock, my piano pallet covers an interesting range. I began recording while attending Indiana University in the early 80's; often volunteering as a project musician for students majoring in Audio Engineering. IU was great for performing artists. While not a music major, I certainly gigged my way through Bloomington & Indianapolis. Much of my performance learning occurred in the huge castle-like Student Union...where students often study intently. On a beautiful white grand, I learned how to basically "ease-in" and play quietly ...then pick up the pace, and again lower the pace. It was a great musical experience; and typically I didn't tick-off too many students. Later on, Kiva, The Blue Bird, & Rapps became my B-town performance venues. Often playing solo piano in northern Indiana & southern Michigan, I also perform with jazz trio -- Knapp, Probst & Wolfe. We're a jamming threesome with a sax/flute, stand-up bass & piano. In the spring of 07, I teamed up with Bucky & the Lip Rippers; a nutty bunch of basement rockers who definitely needed to surface. Either solo, with the trio or the Lip Rippers, my/our music is great for parties, corporate gatherings, jazz clubs & restaurants. The Hammes Bookstore, on campus at the University of Notre Dame has been incredible in promoting & distributing my CDs. My music pays a few bills, but ultimately, it's simply my gift. My performance schedule varies, so my CDs ... help get the jams to ya. Thanks for checking out my music. Enjoy. Joe.

1.1 Kickin' Back
1.2 Tune for the Toes
1.3 Grey of the Morn
1.4 Rose Garden Waltz
1.5 Ol' Suzanna
1.6 Letty's Song
1.7 Bicycle Boogie
1.8 Quiet
1.9 Amazing Grace
1.10 Here to Hammond
1.11 Pop's Caliope
1.12 Hats Off
1.13 Time for Time
1.14 Go Alex Go
1.15 Silly Bird
1.16 Today's the Day
1.17 Roads
1.18 You Are My Sunshine
1.19 Jessie
1.20 On ; on
1.21 Love You Forever
1.22 Sounds Like a Movie
1.23 For Fran
1.24 My Offering
1.25 Sam ; Nico
1.26 Driving Home
1.27 Lights Out

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