Joe Richardson

Joe Richardson: Way Beyond the Blues

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Joe Richardson

Title: Way Beyond the Blues
Label: CD Baby

Joe Richardson is one of the riegning master harmonica, guitar, and dobro players. His powerful vocals and prolific songwriting truly complete the picture of a gifted communicator. Joe captures his audiece from the first moment on stage and holds them spellbound, set after set. Although Austin fans now claim Joe as their own, it comes as no surprise that his soulful blues-based stylings find roots in the misty bayous of Louisiana. The passionate energy and fiery performance that pours from Joe and so gratifies his audience comes from years of loving appreniceship with the down-home street singers and blues legends around Lafayette and New Orleans. In fact, he had been playing bars, topless bars, and juke joints with these giants since the young age of thirteen. 'Way Beyond the Blues' is the new release from the Joe Richardson Express released on Viewpoint Records. Produced by Joe himself, this CD captures the vibrance of live Joe, something subtly missing from earlier releases. This project was mixed and mastered at Two Coves Studio in Austin, Texas. Mixed by the king of live sound, Steven Allen and Mastered by several time grammy winner Dave McNair (SRV, Buddy Guy, Los Super 7...). 'Joe appears to have the ability to breathe new life into the Blues idiom, no mean feat. The songs are very good, moving away from hackneyed, clicked styles without really straying from the heart of the Blues. Coupled to this, his voice conveys the Blues feeling without sounding affected in any way. I find that many Blues artists are tremendous instrumentalists, but very poor singers and songwriters, deffinately not the case with this guy. His guitar playing is exemplary also.' Philip Knipe, Radio KLFM 'Joe Richardson is the real thing. You can't learn what Joe does. He evolved from the specific environment of the swamps and marshes of Louisiana. It's in his blood!' Uncle John Turner (Johnny Winter) Exerpts from fan letters: ......Your mastery of the blues is very motivating and stirs the soul. I was traveling cross-country on motorcycles with my dad. Several weeks ago, we popped into Joe's Generic Bar and listened to your band for hours. You were phenomenal. Please let me know if you ever drop in Atlanta. I would love to hear you guys perform again and would bring others to hear your great sounding guitar. Jeff Skop Dear Mr. 'Medicine Man' Richardson, I heard the sound of your band when I visited Joe's ....I was impressed so much. I have been looking for your CD at shop in Japan but regretfully I couldn't find it anywhere. ...Tell me if you have a schedule to come over here, Japan...I would like to hear your sounds not just by CD, direct to my ears again. Tadashige Tanimoto.

1.1 Medicine Man
1.2 Come Home Baby
1.3 Dead Man's Money
1.4 Greyhound Bus
1.5 Damn That Guitar
1.6 Kill Me Quickly
1.7 I've Seen the Devil
1.8 Please Don't Love Me Anymore
1.9 Showed My Soul to You
1.10 Lil' Mambo
1.11 Goin' on

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