Joe Sierra: Mouse Trap

Joe Sierra: Mouse Trap
Title: Mouse Trap
Label: CD Baby

Joe Sierra while successfully running a computer software company in Tampa, Florida, has been fulfilling a life's dream of composing original music of many different musical genre. Originally born and raised in New York City, Joe, while employed as an international Oil Broker and Trader in London also worked in the evenings as an American DJ for two years exposing the British crowds to American Disco in the early eighties, while himself also being exposed to British pop at that time. Always interested in expanding his musical horizons continued to enjoy and perform as a guitarist mostly in Rock with Carlos Santana as one of his favorite musicians. While emulating his music as a fan, Joe continued to also keep up with the newest keyboard technology and computer recording software enabling him to compose and mix original music spanning many different musical genre from New Age, Techno, Trance, Jazz, Latin Jazz, Classical, Eastern and Middle Eastern music. Currently Joe has already completed 34 CDs totaling well over 37 hours of music. Joe has composed and recorded all of these CDs within a mere 15 month from 2004. Joe was born January 23, 1953 in the Bronx, New York City. Currently resides in Tampa, Florida.

1.1 Lazy Electronics
1.2 Mouse Trap
1.3 Old Green Eyes
1.4 One Half Equals Two
1.5 Phonics
1.6 Tronics
1.7 PK Control
1.8 Planet of Love
1.9 Love Goddess
1.10 Points of Encounter
1.11 Processing
1.12 Rat's Poison
1.13 Sly Electric
1.14 Twaves
1.15 Wabbit

Joe Sierra: Mouse Trap

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