Joe Strummer

Joe Strummer: Global a Go-Go

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Joe Strummer

Title: Global a Go-Go
Label: Hellcat Records

Joe Strummer continues to be the only Clash principal member who remains active. As fans of the Clash have grown up and broadened their horizons, so has the music of joe Stummer. Talking the world and folk music influences of Rock Art and the X-Ray Style and step further, Global A-Go Go is a deep, mature piece of work by a reinvigorated artist who has more in common with Bob Dylan and Van Morrison than the Sex Pistols.

1.1 Johnny Appleseed
1.2 Cool 'N' Out
1.3 Global a Go-Go
1.4 Bhindi Bhagee
1.5 Gamma Ray
1.6 Mega Bottle Ride
1.7 Shaktar Donetsk
1.8 Mondo Bongo
1.9 Bummed Out City
1.10 At the Border, Guy
1.11 Minstrel Boy

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